Overall System

$BNB/$ETH/$MNT (Fee-based Voting)

  • Voting has a bonding curve, follows a bonding curve where earlier participants will be able to purchase votes for cheaper and breakeven faster when others vote

  • Some unique incentives for people to vote across different stages:

    • Whoever starts the poll gets a cut of the whole pool

    • Last 25% of voters will receive a reward boost

    • Last 10% of voters will enter a lottery and potentially win 10x their votes

    • Top voters and participants on the leaderboard will also receive special bonuses.

    • Platform fee and treasury reserve: to ensure the success of the platform, 4-5% of each poll will go into the reserves to support the growth of the platform as well as issuing lotteries for users.

  • In the event of a tie, fees are refunded.

  • $BNB/$ETH/$MNT can be deposited for voting and can be withdrawn to the platform account or transferred out on the same day.

  • The poll results are determined based on the voting end time and the total amount of $BNB/$ETH/$MNT in the pool.


  • The game play model is basically the same. Get the hang of things by learning with abCHIPS, vote with real $BNB/$ETH/$MNT when you are ready to get undiluted rewards.

  • abCHIPS is distributed to users based on factors below on daily basis and can be withdrawn to the platform account on the same day. ComputationalPower+DailyFreeQuotafromRewardCenter+VotingConsumption/ProfitComputational Power + Daily Free Quota from Reward Center+Voting Consumption/Profit

Alpha/Beta (Winning/Losing Points)

  • Both paid and free versions are available, with free area distribution being drastically diluted.

  • Both $Alpha and $Beta scores are tied to future airdrop at a discounted Pre-IDO fully diluted value.

    • Winners receive $BNB/$ETH/$MNT income equivalent to $Alpha score

    • Losers evenly split the total prize pool in $BNB/$ETH/$MNT equivalent to $Beta score

      • This means the users who are winning $Beta score will always be compensated at a bigger discount due to the Alphas enlarging the total pool size with their stakes

      • Future airdrops of our governance token will favor $Beta score holders to prioritize rewarding people that are strategically accumulating $Beta.

Specific Distribution Rules

  • [Channel to obtain] Wallet recharge

  • [Channel to obtain/consume] Voting earnings

Free pool abCHIPS

  • [Channel to obtain] Free distribution, can be claimed daily

  • Create a new account and receive 0.1 abCHIPS

  • Daily point distribution calculation

    • There is a default daily distribution reward for abCHIPS and User can increase their base yield by being active and staying engaged (ComputationalPower)(Computational Power)

    • Basic factors that will increase the base yield include but not limited to:

      • Number of users referred to the platform (through unique referral link or poll sharing link)

      • followers count

      • Following official account and linking partnered platform accounts

      • Task center quest completion rate

      • Number of votes with $BNB/$ETH/$MNT

      • Number of votes with abCHIPS

      • Number of topics created

    • Referral of new users

      • Registration: For each new user referred by an existing user through a referral link, the boost for the referring user and the new user will be calculated base on how many new users have registered from the invitation link

      • New user voting: For each vote made by a new user registered through a referral link, there will also be a bonus for the person invited them

Reward Center

  • Earn: Uncover a plethora of earning opportunities and enhance your success on the platform by visiting the Reward Center and perform daily quests

  • Daily quests includes (To be updated on regular basis):

    • Daily login in

    • Sharing popular polls on social media

    • Performing collaboration tasks with top projects such as opBNB, Mantle, QuestN, Hooked and others in our ecosystem and win rewards both in abCHIPS as well as other project native token

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