Account Level System

Building alongside with Arbitrum and Mantle Foundation, AlphaOrBeta has officially launched on opBNB, Arbitrum, and Mantle Mainnets, starting a new phase of connectivity, with more chains to join by Q1 2024. Additionally, we've developed a unique level system to offer extra perks and benefits to our committed users

AlphaOrBeta Account Level System - Enhanced Experiences at Every Level

Level System

AlphaOrBeta offers an exciting three-tier level system: Diamond, Gold, and Silver. These levels symbolize user achievements and engagement on the platform. Starting with a default account, every user can ascend through these levels by actively participating and contributing.

Streamlined Privileges

  • Distinctive Icons

    Users at each level will display unique icons next to their usernames, varying in color and design. Visible on profile or poll pages, these icons highlight the distinct status of premium accounts.

  • Celebratory Pages

    Account upgrades trigger a special celebratory page, tailored with unique backgrounds for each level to mark the achievement.

  • Enhanced abCHIPS Rewards

    Daily abCHIPS rewards scale with levels: 1.5x for Silver, 2x for Gold, and 3x for Diamond accounts, amplifying the earning potential.

  • Exclusive Benefits

    Higher levels unlock additional rewards and invitations to join the exclusive alpha group, fostering a community for elite members.

Upgrade Mechanism

We're implementing an algorithm-based method for automatic upgrade calculation. This algorithm takes into account a variety of user activities on the platform, including but not limited to the frequency of voting, level of activity, and successful invitation of new users.

Incentives for Advancement

Users are encouraged to elevate their accounts by engaging more with the platform, a process aimed at rewarding the most active and dedicated users. Step into the world of AlphaOrBeta and chart your path to digital triumph!

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