1. Connect your Twitter account to log in, choose to connect an existing wallet or create a new wallet in-app (each Twitter account has only one chance to connect). The platform currently supports opBNB, Arbitrum, and Mantle mainnet (Other chains coming soon).

  2. How to participate:

    • Create a poll: create a new pool and customize settings

      • Set the voting topic

      • Write the topic description and attach image/ gif you like (optional)

      • Tag two Twitter accounts as the options (if the question requires a yes/no answer, you can tag the official yes/no accounts as prompted by the platform)

      • Set the duration of the topic

      • Poll creator need to vote with $BNB/$ETH/$MNT as their first vote (the first vote share costs about $0.03, you can enter the total number of shares to vote for).

    • Cast your votes in existing polls: you can choose to vote with $BNB/$ETH/$MNT or the platform's currency abCHIPS. Each account can only vote once per topic (future versions will add the ability to vote multiple times).

      • The price of voting shares is set by a bonding curve, with shares being cheaper the earlier you vote.

      • Voting and playing with $BNB/$ETH/$MNT and abCHIPS works the same, but there are differences in the profit system. Refer to the section on "Scoring System" for details.

      • Voting is anonymous, the creator of the poll or other participants cannot see the voting records. Only the total amount in the pool and the total number of participants can be seen.

  3. Announcing voting results and claiming rewards:

    • The voting results are determined by the total number of votes in the bilateral voting pool. Whichever side has more votes wins (Both sides follows the same bonding curve, whichever side has more $BNB/$ETH/$MNT in the pool will be the winning side).

    • The winning side of the vote will divide and share the total $BNB/$ETH/$MNT prize pool based on the shares they contributed.

    • The losing side will divide and share platform token abCHIPS that’s equivalent to the total pool size of the poll.

    • In the case of a tie, the amount will be refunded to the wallet after deducting the fees.

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