Getting Started
  1. How do I join AlphaOrBeta and what benefits do early participants receive?

Answer: Visit app.alphaorbeta.com, log in, set up your profile, and you're in!

  1. How secure is AlphaOrBeta?

Answer: AlphaOrBeta employs top-notch security measures. We're audited by Certik and utilizes non-custodial wallet solutions to ensure your funds are safe.

  1. How can I deposit funds into my account?

Answer: Go to "My Votes", select your wallet, and click "Add Funds" to enhance your account.

  1. How do I navigate the AlphaOrBeta platform?

Answer: AlphaOrBeta is designed for ease of use. In the 'Explore' section, you'll find the latest polls. 'Featured' showcases our top-selected polls. 'Create Topic' allows you to initiate a new poll, and 'Reward Center' offers additional earning opportunities.

  1. Can I participate without making a deposit?

Answer: Absolutely! Start with abCHIPS, our platform's in-game currency. When you're ready to maximize your earnings, switch to real $BNB/$ETH/$MNT.

Voting Mechanism
  1. How to start a poll/topic?

Answer: Go to "Create Topic", choose a subject, tag two sides, set your stake, and launch your poll. Remember, starting a poll can earn you up to 1% of the total rewards.

  1. How do I vote on AlphaOrBeta?

Answer: Browse topics, select one, choose your side, decide the number of votes you want to place, and cast your opinion. Voting earlier gives you the advantage of the bonding curve, ensuring more rewards.

  1. What is the bonding curve?

Answer: The bonding curve is a mathematical model determining the cost of votes. Voting earlier means cheaper votes, maximizing potential rewards.

  1. What determines the Alpha and Beta sides?

Answer: Majority votes classify you as an Alpha, while minority votes place you as a Beta.

  1. What is abCHIPS?

Answer: abCHIPS is AlphaOrBeta's platform currency, allowing engagement without real $BNB/$ETH/$MNT. When you're ready for real earnings, use real $BNB/$ETH/$MNT.

Rewards and Benefits
  1. How are rewards distributed on AlphaOrBeta?

Answer: Alphas earn alpha points and $BNB/$ETH/$MNT. Betas accumulate beta points and future token rewards from the pool.

  1. Can I earn rewards by inviting friends?

Answer: Yes! Inviting friends boosts your daily rewards, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.

  1. How can I maximize my earnings?

Answer: Be strategic! Complete daily quests, vote early, engage consistently, and invite friends. Every action can lead to bigger rewards.

  1. What are the special perks for influencers?

Answer: Influencers, team up with AlphaOrBeta to amplify your reach, access exclusive opportunities, and connect with a broader audience.

  1. How can I connect with the AlphaOrBeta community?

Answer: Join the vibrant AlphaOrBeta family on platforms like Telegram. Share, discuss, and engage with fellow enthusiasts.

  1. How are pool creators rewarded on AlphaOrBeta?

Answer: Pool creators are incentivized with a fee from the total pool, encouraging the initiation of new polls.

  1. What rewards do the last 25% of voters in each poll receive?

Answer: The last quarter of voters in each poll are allocated from the total pool, ensuring continuous user engagement.

  1. Is there a special reward system for late voters?

Answer: Yes, we have a lottery reward pool sourced from the treasury. Periodic lucky draws are conducted for the late voters in each poll, offering additional engagement opportunities.

  1. How are platform fees structured for the winner and loser pools?

Answer: The platform charges a fee from both the winner (alpha) pool and the loser (beta) pool. These fees contribute to our platform's operational sustainability.

  1. What is the purpose of the treasury pool?

Answer: The treasury pool is vital for the platform's financial health. It collects from both the winner pool and the loser pool.

  1. How does the token model benefit the platform's growth?

Answer: Our token model is designed to strike a balance. It rewards active user participation while ensuring funds for the platform's continuous development and improvement.

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