Core Functions

Secure Your Assets

AlphaOrBeta generates a unique wallet for you, safeguarding your assets. As an early participant, enjoy exclusive perks, including free abCHIPS to explore the protocol.

Explore and Choose

Navigate through topics, make your pick, and decide early. The sooner you choose, the more you stand to gain. Once you understand the game, spot trends, start a poll, and grab 1% of the pot.

Tool tip: Benefits of early participation can refer to: FAQ - Rewards and Benefits FAQ

Define Your Strategy

If you voted for the side with more votes and won ETH/ MNT, you are an Alpha. If you voted for the side with fewer votes and secured future Beta token, you are a Beta.

Tool tips: Definitions and strategies for Alpha and Beta can refer to: FAQ - Voting Mechanism FAQ

Boost Your Gains

Invite friends and enjoy added boosts to supercharge your rewards. (*Invitation links accessible in Reward Center and Poll detailed pages)

More Ways to Earn

Uncover a plethora of earning opportunities and enhance your success on the platform

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