Earnings and Scoring



  • The creator of the voting pool will receive a fixed proportion of earnings from the total prize pool, regardless of the outcome.

  • For players on the winning side of the vote: the earlier you place your vote, the lower the cost of votes. As more players join later, the proportion of earnings will be higher. Players who vote later also have the opportunity to receive additional subsidies from the platform.

  • The platform sets up a rolling cumulative lottery pool and regularly selects lucky players to directly receive $BNB/$ETH/$MNT based on different rules. For specific drawing rules and winners, follow the official Twitter.


  • New users can receive free platform points through registration and completing tasks in the platform's task center (refreshes daily).

  • Users who enter registration through community and partner-specific links will receive additional rewards: https://app.alphaorbeta.com/login?affiliateCode=COMMUNITY

  • Users receive daily login point rewards, and factors affecting daily output include but are not limited to: number of Twitter followers, sharing poll topic links, attracting new users, linking partner platform accounts, voting and other engagement activities, etc.


  • Both the paid and free zones will receive $ALPHA/$BETA score allocation, but the proportions will differ.

  • The score leaderboard feature will be released in upcoming versions, and those on the leaderboard will receive special rewards.

Reward Pool Summary

Incentivized Participation:

  • Early Engagement: Users gain advantages for early voting via a bonding curve.

  • Active Contribution: Rewards scale based on participation timing and activity.

Dynamic Incentive Structure:

  • Staged Rewards: Incentives vary across the voting timeline to boost user engagement.

  • Initiator Advantage: Poll creators receive a predetermined share of the pool.

  • Lottery Element: The final voters have chances to win substantial prizes.

Robust Ecosystem Support:

  • Growth Investment: A set percentage of each poll feeds back into platform development.

  • Fair Play: In case of a tie, participants receive a full fee refund.

Real-Time Transactions:

  • Immediate Liquidity: $BNB/$ETH/$MNT deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly.

Dual-Token Rewards:

  • Balanced Distribution: $ALPHA and $BETA points awarded to participants on both sides.

  • Future Airdrops: Points accrual aligns with the potential for future token airdrops.

Table: $BNB/$ETH/$MNT Voting Incentives and Distribution


Early Voting

Cheaper votes, faster breakeven

According to bonding curve

Poll Initiator Reward

Cut of the total pool

Fixed percentage

Late Voting Boost

Last 25% of voters get increased rewards

Reward boost percentage

Lottery Entry

Last 10% of voters can win big

Potential 10x reward

Leaderboard Bonuses

Rewards for top voters and participants

Special bonuses

Platform Fee & Treasury Reserve

Funds for platform growth and user lotteries

4-5% of each poll

Tie Refunds

Fees returned in a tie

100% refund of fees

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